Women surviving from postpartum hemorrhage II/ Sleimani
Training of health workers about how to manage post-partum hemorrhage by More detail
Qualitative Research Methods Workshops
The College of Nursing of Hawler Medical University in collaboration with the School of Nursing of Tehran More detail
Qualitative Course for PhD Students in TUMS-Iran 2
The second round of Qualitative Course was finished successfully at School of Nursing, Tehran University of Medical Science and More detail
IT, Website, Moodle, E-mail, and Students Feedback...
The IT workshop for Nursing students of 1st year Workshop about IT, Website, Moodle Online Learning System, and Students Feedback held by Mr. Dara Al-Banna More detail
Evaluation of Health Status of Shakholan Village in Erbil
Teachers and students visited shakolan village to evaluate the health status of population and More detail
Toward Effective Clinical Teaching in Nursing Education...
Clinical teaching is a series of deliberate actions on the part of the teacher to More detail
Clinical Teaching Strategies Workshop
The idea of this workshop arose from the meeting with the dean of college about a More detail
3rd Symposium on Communication
3rd Symposium on Communication: Packing Your Bags for the Journey of Caring, Assertive, Responsible Communication More detail
ECG Interpretation Training Course
ECG Interpretation Training Course Taking ECG for patients is the role of nurses; however most of the nurses struggle with More detail
Qualitative Course for PhD Students in TUMS-Iran 1
The first round of Qualitative Course was finished successfully at Tehran University of Medical Science- School of Nursing and More detail
Toward International Accreditation for College of Nursing/...
Meeting and Workshops of the Association of Arab Universities in Balamand University-Lebanon were done with participation of the dean of the College of Nursing Dr. Yousif, Dr. Norhan, and Dara Al-Banna for More detail


The mission of the college of nursing is to prepare compassionate, innovative and qualified nurses and midwives who become leaders in addressing the evolving health care needs of the community and in advancing these professions in Iraqi Kurdistan region.



The vision of the college of nursing is to become an engaged center of highly qualified students and educators which provides a creative learning environment to educate nurses and midwives who are competent, caring and committed to the community health.



  • 1. Cultivate a caring and engaging environment to facilitate teaching, learning, scholarship, and service.
  • 2. Deliver innovative quality nursing programs that meet the needs of a diverse student body and other communities of interest.
  • 3. Promote the discovery, communication, and preservation of knowledge through scholarly activities and leadership.
  • 4. Provide service to the University, the profession, and the public.
  • 5. Develop community partnerships to promote nursing and the enhancement of the health care delivery system.



1 - The College established to provide High, well trained, successful and encourage students to build success plan for the future of this area (country); Due to National needs through innovative and dynamic education programs. The challenge is to maintain high academic standers while utilizing technology to provide the health care to excellent patient care.

2 - Provide Health Centers by well trained Nurses to build excellent Patient care.

3 - Getting well trained high Diploma holders in different specialty in nursing education.

4 - To graduate students develop leadership skills to role administration Health Centers.

5 - The Baccalaureate curriculum strengthened by interdisciplinary experience

College of Nursing

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