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 Women's HealthVMGs     Monday, May 29, 2017  
The Center for Research and Education in Women's Health Minimize

The Center for Research and Education in Women's Health


The Center for Research and Education in Women's Health is intended to be a unique research and academic center for women's health in Kurdistan and in Iraq by providing training to a diverse team of future academic leaders in women's health, promoting a multidisciplinary agenda in women's health research and working toward improving the life and status of women in the community.


The mission of the Center for Research and Education in Women's Health is to improve the health of all women through leadership in research, education, advocacy and community partnership projects.

The center aims to promote research on women’s health­ and on gender differences related to health ­ by supporting a network of faculty members in multiple disciplines who are interested in research collaborations to study various aspects of women’s health and women’s right to health.


- To promote the development of interdisciplinary research teams around specific topics; provide mentoring opportunities for students and junior faculty members, and facilitate preparation of grant applications.

- To contribute to the development of health promotion, disease prevention, health services delivery, and health policy approaches to improving women’s health and wel­lbeing.

- The center will promote women's health in a variety of ways:

Research: center members will conduct scientific research related to promoting and improving the health of women and girls across the lifespan.

Education: the center will offer seminars and conferences on women's health for the university and the greater community.

Training: the center will sponsor internships and fellowships for student trainees and junior faculties in women's health.

Community projects: center members will actively maintain research and education partnerships with community organizations and individuals interested in women's health. 

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