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Engineering proximal vs. distal heme–NO coordination via dinitrosyl dynamics: implications for NO sensor design2017Details
Vitamin D: Is it a primary hormone targeting the migraine headache or just as adjunct therapy?2017Details
Rates and trends in cesarean sections between 2008 and 2012 in Iraq2017Details
Relationship Between ABCB1 Polymorphisms and Cold Pain Sensitivity Among Healthy Opioid-Naive Malay Males2017Details
ABCB1 Polymorphisms and Cold Pressor Pain Responses: Opioid-Dependent Patients on Methadone Maintenance Therapy2017Details
Antibacterial activity and biofilm inhibition by surface modified titanium alloy medical implants following application of silver, titanium dioxide and hydroxyapatite nanocoatings2017Details
Clinical outcome of retinal vasculitis and predictors for prognosis of ischemic retinal vasculitis2017Details
Mortality and kidnapping estimates for the Yazidi population in the area of Mount Sinjar, Iraq, in August 2014: A retrospective household survey2017Details
Antifungal properties and biocompatibility of silver nanoparticle coatings on silicone maxillofacial prostheses in vitro2017Details
Comparison of depression symptoms between primary depression and secondary-to-schizophrenia depression2017Details
Sox5 regulates beta-cell phenotype and is reduced in type 2 diabetes2017Details
Health needs and care seeking behaviours of Yazidis and other minority groups displaced by ISIS into the Kurdistan Region of Iraq2017Details
Exploring Electronic Communication Modes Between Iraqi Faculty and Students of Pharmacy Schools Using the Technology Acceptance Model2017Details
Herpes simplex virus keratitis: an update of the pathogenesis and current treatment with oral and topical antiviral agents2017Details
Knowledge, Attitude, and Experience of Health Professionals of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM): A Qualitative Study in Iraqi Kurdistan Region2017Details
A quantitative approach to predicting rate constants for aqueous racemization allows pointless stereoselective syntheses to be avoided2017Details
Sleep quality in opioid-naive and opioid-dependent patients on methadone maintenance therapy in Malaysia2016Details
A comparative study of the coordination of saccharinate (sac), thiosaccharinate (tsac) and benzisothiazolinate (bit) ligands to trans-[PdCl2(H2NBz)2]: molecular structure of cis-[Pd(bit)2(H2NBz)2]2016Details
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