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Office of Vice President for Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate Studies
Assistant Prof. Dr. Nazar P. Shabila, Vice President

Telephone number: +964 66 2273383

Email address: nazar.shabila@hmu.edu.krd

This office oversees all activities related to the departments of scientific affairs and postgraduate studies, international academic relations and quality assurance in addition to the Center for Research and Education in Women's Health, capacity development courses and the university scientific journals.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Prepare the annual postgraduate studies plan and manage its implementation through the five colleges
  • Recommend sending faculty members and university/faculty staff to participate in training and conferences
  • Manage the application for scholarship programs and recommend on granting financial assistance to students who obtain scholarships or study offers from international universities
  • Manage and follow up degree equalization examination for the degrees obtained from abroad
  • Head the scientific titles granting committee to new faculty members
  • Maintain high level relations and communications with the international universities
  • Review and comment on minutes of colleges councils' meetings
  • Build-up the libraries in the five colleges and enrich them with resources and facilities
  • Supervise and coordinate the work of the central scientific promotion committee
  • Oversee the quality assurance work in the university and the colleges including the continuing academic development, students' feedback and faculty portfolio activities
  • Supervise the work related to the university ranking within the Kurdistan National University Ranking and other international ranking systems
  • Oversee the contact and collaboration with international universities and institutions
  • Oversee the scientific journals of the university
  • Supervise the preparation of the university council meetings’ minutes and follow on the implementation of the university council decisions
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