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 DivisionsOffice of Vice President for Scientific Affairs     Wednesday, March 29, 2017  
Office of Vice President for Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate Studies


Dr. Fareed Hanna Abdulahad, Vice President

Telephone number: +964 66 2273383

Email address: fareed.hanna@hmu.edu.krd

This office oversees all activities related to scientific affairs, postgraduate studies, academic relations, quality assurance, continuing medical education and Zanco Journal of Medical Sciences.

Specific activities include:
  • Prepare the yearly postgraduate studies plan and manage its implementation through the four colleges
  • Recommend and issue university orders for sending faculty members and university/faculties staff to participate in training and conferences
  • Manage the application for scholarships and recommend on granting financial assistance to students who obtain scholarships or study offer from international universities
  • Manage and follow up approval process of degrees obtained outside the country
  • Approve granting scientific titles to faculty members
  • Manage the IRI (Iraqis Re-building Iraq) program
  • Maintain high level relations and communications with the international universities
  • Review and comments on minutes of colleges councils' meetings
  • Build-up the libraries in the four colleges and enrich them with resources and facilities


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