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 DivisionsDirectorate of Human Resources     Wednesday, March 29, 2017  
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Ms. Awaz Sultan Taher, Director


Number of employees: 3

The Directorate of Human Resources is responsible for the following activities:

  • Preparation of lists of university staff
  • Management of personnel files for the university and the colleges
  • Determine the position and salary levels and position titles of faculty members according to their years of services.
  • Determine the position, salary and date of entitlement of employees
  • Drafting university orders for granting titles and increasing salaries
  • Giving promotion for the faculty members who get master and Ph.D. degrees
  • Preparation of service book for the staff following retirement
  • Determination of the salary and position title for the faculty members and employees whom return to the civil servicing
  • Adding up the services of staff while serving in different fields like serving as Peshmerga, being displaced or serving as temporary employees
  • Adding up the services of engineers, doctors and lawyers after bringing certification from their related syndicates indicating that they have worked in their specific fields
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